Heavy Cleanse Dispenser with BioCote for 2L Cartridges

Heavy Cleanse Dispenser with BioCote for 2L Cartridges

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Meeting the highest standards of reliability and performance. Deb dispensers deliver the exact amount required, controlling both usage and cost as well as reducing waste.

The dispensing lever is manual, yet users are protected.

All Deb dispensers are exclusively protected by BioCote®  - a silver-based antimicrobial agent that is incorporated into the plastic components at the time of manufacture and inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria and molds. The silver ion technology reduces surface bacteria by up to 99.99% within a twenty-four- hour period and protects the dispenser from degradation. BioCote®  will not wear-out or rub-off and is effective for the lifetime of the dispenser.

Sealed cartridge design delivers a safer and more hygienic dispenser than bulk counterparts; minimizes the risk of bacterial contamination and helps prevent infections; save companies time and money; and ease environmental burden.

The hygienically sealed cartridge and pump mechanisms do not allow the ingress of air into the cartridge during use to help prevent product contamination and ensure ‘fresh’ product is dispensed every time.

Manufactured using approved high impact, chemically resistant plastics (such as PET, ABS, PC/PBT, PP, etc.) ensures long life and low maintenance performance, even in busy workplace environments.

MEETS THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF RELIABILITY AND PERFORMANCE Non-drip, non-clog pumps prevent drips or clogging, which can cause mess on walls and floors and be a health & safety risk, with minimal maintenance required.

Wall mount design allows the dispenser to be conveniently located where skin care products are required.

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