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Custom Solutions

Tell us about the manufacturing pains or the challenges you are experiencing so we can develop a comprehensive solution that meets your needs. We can customize using single spindle, multi spindles, manual, or automatic fastening solutions. Applifast specializes in torque reaction arms, torque tubes, and assembly tightening positioning systems. With Industry 4.0 upon us, we can synergize your assembly process throughout the plant with smart tools and software. Our strategies and flexible solutions increase your production efficiencies and quality while keeping your overall costs down.

Torque Arms

Torque reaction arms are ergonomic solutions to absorb the reaction torque generated by an electronic tool. They take the tool weight and torque out of the operators hands. Different types of reaction arms can be used for different assembly and safe work conditions. Applifast can supply an array of torque arms from 5Nm to 7500Nm, overheard, floor mounted or bench mounted to multi-spindle arms.

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Reaction Devices

Assemblers, when using electronic fastening tools (screwdrivers, nutrunners) often experience a jerk and shock to the wrist when a fastener has been tightened. This sudden transfer of force is called torque reaction. Protecting operators and assemblers from torque reaction is a health and safety priority. There are several different types of devices: reaction bars, linear arms, articulating arms, torque tubes, and telescopic arms. Applifast can provide you the right solution for your fastening application.

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With the 4th revolution of manufacturing upon us, fastening and assembly production efficiencies, quality assurance and health and safety is more evident then ever before. Applifast can work with you to customize a solution that is best suited for your product line or work station. From controller stands, socket trays to tool holders and different spindle heads, we are here to provide improved quality, reduced operator fatigue, and an ergonomic assembly enviroment.

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Multi Spindle

Multi-spindles are used when time or space is limited, or where several fasteners have to be fastened or re-tightened simultaneously or cross wize. Multi-spindles are ideal for synchronizing the tightening strategies. They also reduce labour and improve productivity. Some common applications are: U-bolt systems, engine mount systems and wheels-on.

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Critical and safety critical fastening is too important to not have the right tools. We are dedicated to meeting the highest quality assurance standards and all demands required to ensure error proofing in each and every adapted application.