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Each fastening challenge requires a unique practical solution, whether it be in the form of lock bolts, threaded inserts, blind or structural fasteners, or the use of anti-vibration threaded nuts. You can count on Applifast to deliver superior fastening expertise, complete with documented shear and tensile strengths, for an unmatched, vibration-resistant fastening solution that is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

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Not only does Applifast supply a wide range of fastening solutions, we supply the correct installation tooling to go with it.Β 

With our diverse range of advanced drilling tools, cutting, material finishing, drilling, fastening, hand tools, and tool accessories we can accommodate your specifications for material variation, hole quality, access points, production rate, fixturing, and other vital factors.

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We stand behind our products and guarantee the highest standards of safety and quality.

We are honoured to be relied on as a trusted advisor for many companies and OEMs who manufacture at the highest level.

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Applifast is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada which is situated in the centre of North America, where many OEMs reside and local manufacturing companies flourish. For over 45 years and built by four generations of family, Applifast has made it our mission to make your job easier and your business more profitable through thoughtful consultation, industry-leading practices, and technical expertise. Our β€œhands on”, common sense manner and genuine character assures companies, owners, and business partners of long-lasting value and return on investment.

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"Your expertise and support are an asset and are greatly appreciated. We thank you very much."

Manufacturing Engineering Specialist

"Integrity and professionalism is the definition of working with Applifast. You are a world class distributor and company."

Power Tool Manufacturer

"They are not only a supplier but also a wealth of knowledge."

Facilities Manager

"Thank you so much for confirmation of our order and sending the hardware so quickly! We were at a standstill in our production, so we are greatly appreciative for the quick delivery!"


"The Smart Start and training facilitated by Kevin and Brian from Applifast were extremely essential to the successful implementation of smart DC tools in our facility. They also resulted in better understanding of fastening and the benefits of torque controlled DC tools. You will be in good hands with Applifast."

Manufacturing Engineer from Versatile