Manufacturing Assembly

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Manufacturing Assembly

Many, many years ago, manufacturers didn't need to think about assembly tools - that process has changed today with Industy 4.0. We are here to enable the Smart Factories of tomorrow.

Quality manufacturing has risen to the forefront. And so has the type of assembly tools needed for quality fastening production. Our specialty and expert knowledge extends to the following industries:

Aerospace, Vehicle/Bus/Coach, Agriculture, General Industry Assembly, Truck/Trailer, Rail, Renewable Energy

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Applifast is your source for all yout tightening needs and can provide you the right tool for the right application. We will also provide you with the correct set up, and certification training. We are committed to delivering smart tools, and smart solutions. If "good enough" isn't acceptable, then Applifast is the perfect partner for you.

Electric Assembly Torque Tools

A tool solution for your quality and safety critical structural joints electric torque tools are developed with the functionality to tighten accurate traceability, while controlling all the key requirements of the assembly automation process. Applifast can provide a solution from the lowest FT/Lbs(Nm) to some of the biggest torques.

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Cordless Assembly Torque Tools

We supply superior industrial battery operated shut off, transduce, and low torque tools for assembly lines that need flexibility and quality. From a single tool to an entire integrated solution, we have a wide rang to select from. From -3FT/Lbs to high torque with multipliers.

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Digital Torque Tools

Digital torque wrenches are easy to use and we offer a selection of digital torque tools for anyone needing a precise and accurate production tool. These wrenches offer repeatability from safety to quality critical applications. From 1FT/Lbs to 886 FT/Lbs.

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Software Solutions

Advanced process control, effective worker assistance, traceability, zero defect strategy, data collection, fully scalable programming, tightening strategy, and real time monitoring are just some of the solutions we can provide for your fastening applications.

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Pneumatic Assembly Torque Tools

Pneumatic tools still play an integral role in manufacturing and Applifast has reliable inline, pistol, angle, shut off and pulse screwdrivers and nutrunners for your assembly fastening requirements.

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Critical and safety critical fastening is too important to not have the right tools. We are dedicated to meeting the highest quality assurance standards and all demands required to ensure error proofing in each and every adapted application.