Structural Blind Fasteners

Structural Blind Fasteners

Structural blind rivets are one-piece fasteners which are made from two assembled components including a pin and a sleeve. They can be installed with access to only one side of the material.

Structural Blind Rivets

Interested In Structural Blind Rivets?

Structural blind rivets are one-piece fasteners made from two assembled components. They ideal for applications with access to only one side of the material.

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Structrural blind rivets create an internal lock during installation that virtually eliminates pin push-out by mechanically locking the pin to the sleeve. Each fastener locks permanently into place with little effort. Simple, visual inspections ensure joint integrity. These rivets are ideal in applications where vibration resistance, reliability, and strong hold are critical.

The Huck® engineered MagnaLok® is the world’s strongest, most reliable, most consistent blind fastening solution available. Magna-Lok with a mechanical circle-lock design that gives this structural blind rivet a tough, long-lasting joint with a tight, weather-resistant seal. This shield blocks out water and salt, ensuring a long, reliable life.

Yes! All of the fasteners Applifast carries are genuine and certified, this includes the whole of the Huck® fastener line.