What is a Lockbolt?

Lockbolts are two-piece fasteners consisting of a hardened metal pin and metal collar which swages into the grooves of the pin. This forms a specific measured clamp force to hold assembled parts together.

Reliable Fastening

In theory, a fastener is a device used for attaching one thing to another – but trust us, there is a lot more to it than that. Correct fastening means consistent clamp and a stronger joint. You can count on Applifast to deliver superior fastening expertise, complete with documented shear and tensile strengths, for an unmatched, vibration-resistant fastening solution that is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

About The HuckBolt®

HuckBolts feature an exclusive locking groove design that ensures a tight, permanent fit. In addition to superior fastening performance regardless of which lockbolt type you require, HuckBolts have been proven to reduce labor and installation costs, along with rework and warranty expenses. Stronger, easier to install, and more durable than welding, adhesives, or conventional threaded fastening systems, HuckBolts have been the professionals’ choice for decades.

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In applications where a wide grip range is required and a flush pin break to the collar is beneficial, Huck® Magna-Grip® is the ideal fastener for the job. In fact, Magna-Grip’s wide grip range can replace up to 4 traditional HuckBolts.
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