AD 68 H Closed End Blind Fastener

AD 68 H Closed End Blind Fastener

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Fully sealed fastening! This exclusive Closed-End rivet design is ideal for applications that need to be watertight or when stem retention is paramount.

This blind rivet produces a seal that prevents the passage of liquid or vapor at pressures up to 100 psi. The seal is possible thanks to a unique cup-shaped end configuration which prevents vapor or liquid from getting around or through the set rivet.

Avdel Part Number: AD 68 H

Diameter: 3/16"

Material: Aluminum/Steel

Head Style: Dome Head

Grip Range: 0.376" - 0.500" 

*Minimum Order of 100 Fasteners. Minimum Increments of 100 Fasteners.

Download AD 68 H CAD Diagram

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